2K polyurethane primer HS V2007 4:1

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2K polyurethane primer HS V2007 4:1

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V2007 HS 4:1

MASTER Polyurethane Primers VOC 2.1

2K polyurethane primer HS V2007 4:1
Filling and isolating primer for galvanized steel.

High quality 2-pack polyurethane anticorrosive undercoat with excellent adhesion to:
- steel;
- aluminum;
- galvanized steel;
- polyester body fillers and putties;
- old coatings.

Designed especially for car refinish.

Available colors: grey, black

Art. # Capacity
9981 grey 1 GL
9982 black 1 GL
9983 hardener


Technical Data Sheet Safety Data Sheet

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