Infrared Lamp Heatteck Solution HT-2000

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Infrared Lamp Heatteck Solution HT-2000

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Infrared Lamp Heatteck Solution HT-2000 

Infrared paint curing lamp provides faster heating times without NOX, dust, ozone, carbon monoxide or other toxic emissions.

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Infrared heating lamps offer quick, efficient and effective paint drying solutions by utilizing electromagnetic radiation for superior drying results.

This range of curing lamps are some of the most efficient lamps on the market and utilize the latest infrared technology for optimal results.

This products have been designed to offer solutions for different drying requirements.

With running costs from as little as $0.13 per hour so you can use our products for as long as you like without having to break the bank with your electricity bill!

We can recommend the best lamp for your requirements to ensure you strike the best balance between cost and power output.

Where to use:

  • Automotive refinishing, including primers, base coats, top coats, fillers, fiberglass repair,
  • Two component materials with solvent or water-borne formulas.
  • infrared can be safely used on plastic, aluminum, steel and fiberglass components.
  • Wood working, primers, sealers, fillers, toners, stains, top coats, lacquers, water-borne and solvent-based materials,
  • Two component materials and special effects materials used over a variety of hard woods, soft woods, plywood and engineered wood (MDF-style) substrates.
  • Other applications include heat-treating, forming plastic components, drying decorative finishes on pottery, glass, composites, wood, metal and plastic.
  • Drying common water- and solvent-based adhesives for laminating materials
  • Faster and efficient way to dry ceramic coating.


  • 120V,Electric current 20-25A,2000W
  • Fully adjustable lamps and heats 
  • Total curing area at least 700mm*800mm
  • Temperature control & timer

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