BRAYT Paint and Glass Clay Bar

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BRAYT Paint and Glass Clay Bar

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  • Brand: BRAYT
  • Product Code: BRAYT 6617

Paint and glass clay bar

Clay bar for cleaning painted coatings and glass.

Perfect to remove dirt such as resin, tar, contaminants from the surface of your car’s paint, glass, fiberglass and metal. It doesn't scratch and doesn't cause the surface gets mat. Suitable for all automotive and industrial clearcoat. After using a clay bar on your paint you will be left with a surface that is as smooth as glass and properly prepped. It is now ready for polish or for you to apply layers of protection.

It has recommended using a clay bar roughly twice a year, or before details where you plan on polishing the paint.

If your car is subject to industrial fallout or heavily contaminated areas, using a clay bar more often may be required.

  • Capacity 100g
  • Color yellow

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