MIRKA® DEROS 6" Vacuum-Ready electric Sander 2.5mm orbit w/case

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MIRKA® DEROS 6" Vacuum-Ready electric Sander 2.5mm orbit w/case

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  • Brand: MIRKA
  • Product Code: DEROS 625CV

 MIRKA® DEROS 6" Vacuum-Ready electric Sander  2.5mm orbit w/case

Mirka® DEROS 625CV direct electric random orbital sander has a 150 mm (6”) pad and a 2.5 mm oscillation. The main voltage is 120V. Mirka® DEROS 625CV is suitable for general sanding purposes on almost all kind of surfaces. Mirka® DEROS 625CV has a soft start function, a built in electronic motor brake and a smooth, easy to operate lever to control motor speed. Thanks to its high efficiency brushless motor, this electric sander also has a plenty of power to get the job done quickly. Its performance is comparable to a conventional 500W electric machine and that ensures it maintains a constant speed even under heavy load. The unique symmetrical design makes it just as comfortable whether it’s being used in the left hand or the right hand and the longer body provides the option of a two-hand grip. Mirka® DEROS 625CV is equipped with a new type of backing pad, which has a central air inlet. This results in improved air flow and helps extract dust away from the centre of the tool even faster. Mirka® DEROS 625CV is delivered in a high quality plastic case.

Technical Specifications

  • Power input (W)                  350
  • Voltage main supply (VAC) 100-120
  • Speed (rpm)                          4000 - 10000/min
  • Orbit (mm)                          2.5
  • Size of pad (mm)                 150
  • Weight (kg)                         1.04
  • Noise Level, LpA (dB)         71
  • Vibration level (m/s²)         2.4
  • Dust system                         Central vacuum ready
  • Packaging                         Plastic case
  • Pad included (code)         8292605011
  • Model name                         Mirka DEROS 625X CV
  • Mains frequency (Hz)         50/60
  • Product class                         Electric tool

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