Spray Guns from ANEST IWATA

The company's sales network extends throughout the world and is represented in Japan, the United States, Canada as well as in most countries of Europe and Asia.

Major investments in research and advanced technologies enable ANEST IWATA to remain one of the most recognized companies in the world in the manufacture and sale of paint and varnish equipment.

In fact, all the activities of ANEST IWATA are based on the desire for mutually beneficial cooperation, the purpose of which is to provide products and services that fully meet the requirements of the client.

Iwata LS-400 SuperNova is the top spray gun of the HVLP line from Anest Iwata. The model has a unique design, made with the participation of the Italian company Pininfarina. The weight of the product is only 475 grams without a cup and 695 grams with a cap. From the pleasant amenities of the LS-400, we note the following: 

1. The sprayer has large regulators;

2. design features allow you to wind the tank with one hand. The spray gun is equipped with a pre-atomization system, therefore it is suitable both for working with water-soluble and solvent materials, it is good both when applying the base and clearcoat. The tool has a wide torch, is good in stream painting cars both partly and entirely. It is also used for finishing. Provides a high percentage of material transfer, while practically negating fogging.

The spray gun Iwata W-400 BELLARIA is one of the most popular universal spray guns of medium pressure (RP). This is a full-sized medium pressure tool, featuring a lightweight of 380 grams. A model was created for work on individual parts, as well as for complete painting and varnishing, including finishing application. A spray gun is suitable for spraying not only low and medium viscosity materials but also thick sprayable fillers.

Key features of the Ivata W-400 Bellaria atomizer:

spary gun

 • Ergonomic productive model with the top fastening of a cap, focused on the decision of all spectrum of tasks.

• The airbrush can be completed at will with customers nozzles of the following diameters: 1 mm (torch size 20 cm), 1.2 mm (torch size 22 cm), 1.3 mm (torch size 28 cm), 1.4 mm (torch size 30 cm), 1.6 (torch size 33 cm), 1.8 mm (torch size 37.5 cm) and 2.0 mm (torch size 39 cm).

• Working pressure required for the tool - 2 bar. Air consumption ranges from 250 to 270 l / min.

In addition to all its advantages, this tool is sold at our official retail online store, i.e. at a bargain price. Considering that WWW.ARPSHOP.CA is the official distributor of Anest Iwata products, we can state: the pricing policy of the Japanese concern in Canada provides ideal conditions for buying this particular spray gun. Indeed, over the past few years, the top-end model LS-400 is sold at a constant price and attracts more and more attention, both experienced professionals and beginners.