What you need to repair the body

Any repairs require free space, equipped with the necessary equipment and body shop tools. An ordinary garage or storage room is quite suitable for this purpose.

All that you need in order to quickly and quality repair the car body is a welding machine or a grinder, a compressor, a spray gun for applying paint, body repair tools, glue mixes and auto body stands so on.

All this can be purchased at the construction market or in our site.

The next step is to conduct a thorough inspection of the car in order to identify problem areas on the body that require repair.

This will determine the scope of work, select the appropriate type of repair and calculate the amount of cash investments.

Types of body repair

There are three types of body repair:
- Local or minor repairs;
- External repair;
- Complete or overhaul.

Local or minor repairs

This type of repair is used with minor external damage to the body:
- small and shallow scratches, chips;
- the initial stage of metal corrosion;
- minor repairs do not require large capital investments or the use of expensive equipment. All you need is a standard set of auto body tools, polish and paint.

External repair

This type of repair is carried out only for cosmetic purposes - when applying airbrushing or painting the body. For the external repair of the body you will need to purchase special spray gun and collision repair tools and materials.


This type of repair is carried out in the most serious cases:
- to eliminate the effects of various kinds of accidents;
- for the replacement of important parts and plating;
- to eliminate serious dent of body geometry;
- to eliminate complex deformations

Complete or overhaul requires serious equipment (stocks, lifts), which will allow to control the geometrical parameters of the car body. Often, a complete body repair is better to entrust highly qualified specialists.

We recommend performing body repair yourself only if there is some minor or minor damage.

Types of work during body repair

The main work that you can do yourself, having started body repair, can be the following:

Body filler

Filling does not require special skills and abilities, therefore, both experienced and novice preper will cope with this type of repair work. Body filler allows you to remove minor scratches and chips. Before applying body filler, the problem area is carefully cleaned and degreased.

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Polishing eliminates minor scratches and cracks with special polishes or auto pencils. Such work does not require special knowledge and skills, it is enough to follow the finished instructions containing all the necessary information on how to restore the surface of the body with the selected tool.

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For high-quality painting of the body should accurately select the desired tone of paint. Often, the tone of paint is indicated under the hood of the car or on the rack to the left. Those parts of the body that do not need to be painted should be covered with a protective film or covered with papers. The paint can be applied using a paint sprayer or an ordinary brush. Also you need some body shop equipment like bumper stand, auto paint stand,

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Maintenance work aimed at preventing the occurrence of various kinds of damage on the body. This is possible through the use of special tools applied both on the car body and on its individual parts.

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Anti-corrosion protection

Anti-corrosion protection is a complete stripping of the resulting corrosion, as well as anti-corrosion treatment to prevent its further occurrence.

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Geometry alignment

This type of work is part of a body overhaul, and is performed at specialized service stations. However, if you have the necessary equipment, such repair can be done independently if you have experience and knowledge in this matter.

Carrying out a body repair with your own hands requires caution and care, because any mistake or mistake can lead to dubious results.