Professional spray guns Auarita

Professional spray guns Auarita

It can be used for professional application:

basic 1K paints


2K acrylic enamels


synthetic materials

water borne materials

provides a very thin and uniform breakdown of paints and varnishes in the torch

LVMP & HVLP professioanl spray guns

LVMP (Low Volume Middle Pressure) is a technology for low air consumption at medium pressure. It is a new development, an improved series of HVLP.

LVMP & HVLP professioanl spray guns in Toronto, Canada.

This type of spray gun has the following advantages:

They are characterized by high productivity, which is typical for medium-pressure technology with a relatively low consumption of compressed air of about 270 l / min.

dyeing at a faster speed and with more than 65% material transfer efficiency

To this spray gun you can buy a replaceable nozzle with a diameter of 1.3 mm to 2.0 mm