ANEST IWATA spray guns, spray guns accessories

ANEST IWATA Corporation manufactures painting equipment for all industries. The production line includes both traditional and specialized spray guns. ANEST IWATA Corporation holds many patents and know-how, including LPH low-pressure technology, which is significantly different from others.

Painting equipment is available in 2 types W and LPH.


Painting guns ANEST IWATA, spray guns accessories  in Toronto, Canada

W type spray guns have a traditional spray head and operate using standard spray technology. In this type of spray guns, the pressure in the head is reduced by 0.5-1.5 bar compared to previous models, and the inlet pressure is to an acceptable 2-2.5 bar

Permitted changes have increased the material transfer coefficient to over 70% and are called HTE (High Transfer Efficiency Technology with High Material Transfer Efficiency).

LPH series

LPH type spray guns include all the latest technical developments. The completely new design of the spray head differs significantly from the traditional ones and sets a new standard in the spraying of liquid paints and varnishes. This series allows you to obtain excellent atomization of the material even at a pressure of 1 bar.

Molecules of the paint material flying out of the head of this design have a much lower speed, which positively affects the efficiency of material transfer, with minimal fogging.

This type of spray gun works on the LVLP system (low volume, low pressure), which significantly reduced the consumption of compressed air by about 20-30% compared to other low-pressure technologies.