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Sata spray guns global brand in the production of painting equipment.

Only high-quality paint spray guns, electric spray guns.

With indication on the handle, with a barrel for paint in a set.

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The “super-economical” spray gun / premium spray gun of the SATAjet 5000 B HVLP series provides a high degree of material transfer thanks to the low-pressure HVLP technology.

The SATAjet 5000 B HVLP sets new standards for quality, making the painting process easier than ever. Truly versatile in terms of application distance and inlet pressure, this new high-performance spray gun is a market leader.

Now, to achieve excellent coating quality, painters have the ability to set inlet pressure, select a distance for painting and working methods, taking into account environmental conditions.

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Key benefits:

• Optimized nozzle design guarantees maximum flexibility in terms of input pressure selection and spray distance

• The ergonomic handle of an airbrush easily lays down in a palm

• Easy to clean cups with the new Pearlchrome ™ coating - excellent corrosion resistance

• Easy to adjust controls

• Robust trigger coupling for easy, safe and quick change of the paint needle

• The same compact handles for spray guns with and without a digital pressure gauge.

Other features:

• Suitable for applying both waterborne and traditional materials

• Dyuza and a painting needle from stainless steel - ideal material for work with water-borne paints

• QCC ™ - quick-release fastening system: guarantees quick replacement and cleaning of the cup

• QC ™ chrome-plated brass air cap can be removed in just 1 revolution

• Easy torch shape adjustment: transition from round to oval torch and vice versa in just ¼ turn

• CCS ™ - color identification system for easy recognition of spray guns

• Large selection of nozzles (interchangeable sets) and other accessories.

Standard equipment

- spray gun / spray gun with a replaceable kit and a nozzle 1.3 mm;

- 0.6 liter plastic QCC cup;

- filter for paint;

- set of color identifiers CCS;

- a set of tools for disassembling and assembling a spray gun;

- swivel 1/4 "ext.;

- brush for cleaning;

- multilingual instruction.

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