Sanding Blocks - Auto body shop tools in Toronto

Sanding Blocks.

Car body repair tools for car service - is the most important part of any auto body repair shop. Needless to say, that the quality of the sanding tools, polishing machines and other auto body tools for repair that not only determines the quality of the final result,

but also the continuity of the auto repair shop as a whole, because any breakdown can lead to a halt of the entire company. Hand tools are sending blocks of various sizes and characteristics. They are also called sanding, graters, pads and even planers, for resemblance to the same tool for working wood.

Sanding tools are good for quick processing of course layers, for lowering risks and “soft” processing before priming. The main work on shaping, delicate alignment is done with a hand tool.

Only he gives us the opportunity to subtly feel the surface and understand where and how much effort must be applied to level it.


 In the catalogue ARPSHOP you will find a large selection of body shop sanding blocks and other tools for body repair:

pneumatic and electric grinding machines, sanding blocks with dust extraction, elastic grinding blocks, backing and disc pads, tools for manual sanding.

The ARPSHOP offers the most up-to-date tool for body repair on the market, which guarantees users indisputable advantages and real benefits.

Sanding tools, polishing machines and other body repair tools in combination with a wide range of high-quality accessories provide an integrated approach to the best result.

Mirka sanding blocks for manual sanding.

The range of tools for manual sanding Mirka includes various sanding blocks, pads and accessories. All manual sanding tools are easy to use and ergonomic. 

The premium line of sanding Mirka hand blocks Yellow. Size 70X125mm, 70X198mm, 70*400mm suitable for processing large flat areas. It has an ergonomic shape with a low profile.

In combination with mesh strips, Mirka shows superior grinding performance and efficient dust extraction.

Mirka sanding blocks for manual sanding.

Manual grinding block Premium 70x400mm 53 holes. The robust design of the unit with comfortable handles and an ergonomic low profile provides a secure grip and excellent control over the process.

We recommend using Mirka Abranet or Autonet mesh strips with new blocks - with them you are guaranteed an excellent result!

Manual grinding block

The plane is considered a manual tool for the matting of the car body. On the fixture, the skin of fine grain is fixed and the master begins to perform smoothing movements on the surface in any order.

The more varied the trajectory of movement, the higher the quality of grinding.

What are sanding blocks used for?

When processing a car body, it is generally recommended to use sandpaper or scotch-bright on hands.

In this way, matting areas with difficult terrain, movements also should not be of the same type of character.


Mirka's manual sanding GRAY unit is especially effective when working with revolutionary mesh abrasives. For dust-free grinding, connect the unit with a hose to the dust removal system.

Size 70x125 mm allows you to handle small and hard-to-reach areas.

What Grit is a sanding block?

Thus, we should be able to correctly select a tool for each specific case and processing stage. Only then can we achieve perfect surface quality.

Hand grinding blocks

Manual grinding blocks are used for manual surface treatment by grinding. They are widely used in household and industrial construction (repair) for removing old and polishing new paintwork;

grinding and imparting the required surface cleanliness from metal, wood, stone, concrete, etc.

Types of body shop sanding blocks.


There are different versions of this tool :


grinding plane is convenient when machining large surfaces;

the grinding bar for working with interchangeable abrasives;

grinding barrel for local (spot) work;

sanding sponge for furniture;

semicircular and figured grinding for surfaces with irregular shape;

elastic and soft blocks for hard-to-reach places.

The variant of the dust extraction unit has the ability to connect to a vacuum cleaner, providing comfortable and harmless working conditions for staff, substantial savings on the purchase of respirators and dust after work.


Selection of grinding blocks

How do you use a sanding block?

How to use a sanding block?

Before purchasing blocks for grinding, it is necessary to clearly define the scope of work that needs to be performed. Large blocks are suitable for processing walls or other large surfaces, and for fine and precise work,

such as body repairs, it is better to take point and small ones. When choosing a block, pay attention to its parameters:




type of attachment;


number of holes;


As for the last parameter, it is desirable to give preference to well-known brands, such as Mirka, 3M, Norton.