Why Auto Body Work Stands is so important.

Why Auto Body Work Stands is so important.

Why store the stuff can be a challenge.

Fenders, bumpers are wide and bulky features of an automobile. When removed for repair work, they take up much free of space. It is important to keep space management in mind when choosing an automotive paint stands, car bumper stands or fender racks.


Features of Our Auto Body Work Stands and Storages


Our selection of body shop stands offers beneficial features for your auto body business, and high rang of stands:

  • door stands
  • paint stands
  • bumper holders for painting
  • parts carts
  • mobile tool carts

Also, you are able to buy auto body repair tools and equipment

Whether you are concerned about space or the ability to accommodate multiple automobile parts, our Auto Body Shop Stands

are your choice.


There are so many features to decide when shopping for bumper stands & racks. To review product details, simply click on the picture for further information. You can also use our comparison tool to examine product details side by side.



At ARPSHOP, we are committed to providing customer satisfaction before, during, and after the purchasing process. Our car experts can provide informed knowledge of our in-stock tools so you can make an informed purchasing decision.

After your equipment has been delivered, we can assemble it for you if necessary. If you have any follow up questions or service concerns, you can call us and speak with our support team. If you are in need of auto body equipment, we are your ultimate resource. With over 3000 products in our stock, you can't find dependable brands at affordable prices do not hesitate to call us. We will glad to discuss your product needs.

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