Auto Body Tools To Get Started in Auto Body Repair.

If you love cars and possess a good work ethic, an auto body shop can be a lucrative business opportunity. For your auto shop to be successful,

You will need a combination of effort, auto painters training, of course, the right auto body equipment,

which will enhance the speed and ease of body repair work. With the right tools, you’ll be able to meet the demands of today’s auto body structures.


Here are some of the most important car body repair tools in an auto body shop.


Air compressor -car painting tools.

If you are serious about paint works, you should invest in a powerful air compressor that is a no-brainer. Make sure to select a model that can handle a solid workload and will last you for years, such as a 60-gallon compressor.

If you are planning on handling only small, touch-up paint jobs, you might be able to get by with a 25-35 gallon air compressor, though in most cases, the bigger and stronger your air compressor is, the better.

Spending a little more to purchase the right compressor can be a gainful investment over time.

Spray Gun - body shop equipment


To paint, you will need another very essential auto body repair tool. It is Spray Gun. Everyone knows the famous brand like SATA, DeVilbiss, IWATA.

While spending a little more for the right air compressor can be worth it, you do not necessarily need a high-end spray gun to begin painting but with the high quality, you can get a better result.

If you can afford a 600$ spray gun, you should, of course, purchase one, as you’ll definitely notice a difference in quality between a higher-end model and a lower-end one.


 auto body equipment


Dual-Action Sander - body shop sander.


A dual-action sander can save you a lot of time with basic sanding and body filler shaping jobs. Needless to say, that such kind of bodywork tools is necessary

 When you start using one, you will notice how quickly it becomes an essential tool in your toolbox.

Dual-action sanders aren’t overly expensive, costing anywhere from 50$ to 275$, and they are well worth it.

They are able to make hard work look easy, leaving you extra time for other tasks.



 body shop sander

Autobody Sanding Blocks - body shop Sanding Blocks 

We also need a sanding block. My favourite is Mirka. It works really well. There great wet or dry and has a nice flex to them. 3M is another great brand with all types of shapes.


Sanding blocks are crucial garage tools when doing autobody repair. You need them when colour sanding and buffing, for shaping body filler and you need them to help to with cutting high spots and to help you find low spots in your bodywork. Auto body blocks are a must-have on the shop tools and are very affordable.

sand blocks