Heavy Duty Body Shop Stands

Heavy Duty Body Shop Stands

Outfit your body shop with stands and racks built to last.

In order to operate efficiently, an automotive repair business needs core gear. Our online store stocks a broad variety of heavy duty supplies for mechanics, such as:

Body shop door stands are the most popular automotive paint stands.

For example, door stand paint both the inside and outside of your car door at the same time

Designed to enable full and complete painting of door panels, this stand offers 360-degree accessibility for painting inside and out.

Mock up a door panel for secure, hands-free painting or jamming to cut work time in half and preserve the integrity and consistency of the larger job.

Made of steel with powder coating, the stand itself weighs just 25lbs and can be quickly and conveniently moved to a paint booth or other work area.

Despite its lightweight nature, it’s designed to offer proportionate weight distribution when hanging door panels - a single bar on one side is used to hang the panel lengthwise across the rest of the stand.

The result is a setup that’s supported via even distribution, without requiring additional weights.

Mobility is made easy thanks to four swivel casters (two at each end). The entire rack rolls around your shop to make transporting prepped or finished panels easy.

When you require the entire rack to remain stationary, simply lock the casters to prevent unwanted rolling.

The casters are large enough and the entire structure lightweight enough to roll swiftly over any debris or obstacles that may be on your shop floor.

For the complete painting of door panels and peripheral accessories such as side mirrors, an adapter arm with six hooks is also available.

This arm attaches to the vertical bar and overhangs the length of the stand to preserve the weight distribution aspect of its design.

Mirrors can easily be hung independently from the door panel.

Another auto body door stand is Car Door Jack Lift.

Hang doors and bumpers conveniently with the Car Door Jack Lift. This unit is fully self-contained and works without a hydraulic or air connection.

This auto body work stand can lift from 6.8" to 32.4" high with a hand crank. With an adjustable height feature,

this auto body shop stand can accommodate doors between 30.4" and 24.5".

Support Pads' wide adjust from 8 “ to 20.4”.

Also, in the great request are car bumper stands. For example, Adjustable Bumper Repair Stand with bumper

Holder for painting. This heavy-duty bumper stand will hold any plastic bumper cover without touching the painting surface.

Your bumpers are securely held in place by support arms containing a swivel clamp that can move into any position.

The protective rubber boots on the support arms help keep critical bumper areas free of paint overspray.

The boots cover bumper areas that tend to swivel, slide, or have threads.

This bumper paint stand also features wheel locks that not only keep the wheels from rolling but prevent the stand stem from swivelling.

The positions on the bumper stand allow you to paint the bumper stand as it sits on the car and also covers hard-to-reach bumper pockets.

With unsurpassed durability and versatility, the car bumper stand is an excellent addition to any auto body shop.

In our online store, you can find the accessories you need to perform detailed and accurate work. From different nozzle types to fillers and putties, you have access to accessories as well as core machinery.