With what and how to clean, wash, rinse with a spray gun from water based paint?

Any tool must be handled with care, with love, with proper care for it. The spray gun after work must be immediately rinsed well from water based paint. If you forgot and the water based paint dried up, polymerized, then you can say goodbye to it. But you can try to clean it, you can rinse it. Each paint has its own solvent, and it is necessary to rinse the spray gun in it.

To do this, if possible, disassemble the spray gun and first soak all the parts in a solvent, and then rinse. The main thing is to clean the nozzle, nozzle, needle. Soft brushes, special brushes, sets of needles are sold for cleaning spray guns and spray guns.

When all the parts have been washed, they must be rinsed again in a clean solvent, blown with compressed air and then the spray gun is assembled in the reverse order. And check how it works, but instead of paint, pour solvent into the barrel.

When cleaning, immediately after work, the barrel with the remaining paint is emptied and washed with a cleaner (for example, acetone, white alcohol, gasoline, etc.) and after washing, 0.3-0.4 parts are filled with a cleaner. Using a compressor, we spray all this cleaner. Thus, the gun will be cleaned of fresh paint and will not require disassembly.

But things are worse when the gun has to be cleaned after 3 days, a week, or even a month after work. In this case, the paint has turned to stone and it is no longer possible to clean the gun in a simple way. First, you should just try to disassemble the gun:

  • unscrew the paint supply screw and pull out the needle with the spring (spray regulator).
  • twist the spray head.
  • twist the paint container.

If these three manipulations failed, then fill the paint container with solvent and let the gun stand for 1-2 hours. After we try to blow it out with a compressor. This is usually sufficient. A couple of drops of solvent will come out of the nozzle. After this, the gun will be easier to disassemble.

After disassembly, soak the needle with nozzle and spray head in solvent. Clean the entire opening of large holes in the gun with a brush with a solvent (this is the place where the paint barrel is attached, the channel for adjusting the paint supply). After, remove the needle with the nozzle and the spray head from the solvent and wipe them to a shine with a cloth. Only then we collect the gun.

We clean the gun again with a compressor, filling the paint container with a cleaner. Only after that, you can work again with an airbrush.

It happens that they simply did not have time, and then they simply forgot and the paint dried up in the spray gun or spray gun, in addition, hoses and some other objects were smeared.

Of course, washing water based paint fresh is very simple, it can be done even with the cheapest solvent or gasoline, even with water and water-soluble ones can simply be washed off with water, and if everything has dried up overnight or more.

Here it is impossible to do without caustic solvents, something like Acetone or 650, 646 numbers.

Use plastic gloves, lubricate or even better, if possible, immerse in a solvent so that it goes inside and cleans everything there.

Then rinse again and again into the solvent, simultaneously cleaning out everything that exfoliates and so on until it sours and everything is cleaned off!

In general, it is a tedious and very smelly business, it is better not to allow this to happen.