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Spray Gun Tips & Sins.

Inappropriate cleaning utensils

Forcible disassembly of nozzle components

Soaking in contaminated cleaning solution

Contaminated compressed air

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Secrets of the correct polishing cars with the help of a polishing machine

When working should be aware of the following aspects:

The cleanliness of the water tank is paramount. The fact is that only a few grains of sand, incidentally on a circle or surface, can irrevocably spoil the result of work by scratching the paintwork...

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How to polish cars

1. Stages of polishing

Basically, the polishing is divided into two stages:

- the first is restorative polishing;

- the second is protective polishing.

Restorative polishing is usually done using abrasive pastes. Such a polishing removes the thinnest, very topmost layer of clearcoat, "beaten" by life, full of scratches, scuffs and chips - it already only spoils the appearance of the car, and therefore must be removed.

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Spray Guns from ANEST IWATA

ANEST IWATA Corporation was founded in 1926 and is currently one of the largest manufacturers of paint and clearcoat equipment in the world. 

ANEST IWATA engineers have created a unique spraying technology due to the design feature of the "cut nozzle", which allows for better surface coverage.

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Varieties of polishers

By the principle of operation this tool is:

- RANDOM ORBITAL (with eccentric).

The first type is structurally very similar to the grinder and has lower rotational speed and high torque. It is for this reason that the latter is unsuitable for polishing the car body.

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Respirator for painting cars: why is it necessary and how to choose?

When choosing a body work tools, you need to proceed from the criteria of quality, not price. Not always the cost objectively reflects the quality of the product. For this, it is better to consult professional craftsmen who know a lot about it.

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HVLP vs. LVLP – What’s the distinction?

Manual pneumatic spray gun, in its modern form, appeared at the end of the 18th century and is a device that sprays paint by airborne droplets under the action of compressed air. In general, the principle has not undergone significant changes for more than a century and is only being improved, which gives rise to the emergence of new technologies, such as HVLP, RP, HTE, W, HP, LVLP (LVMP) and others.

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The device and design features of paint spray guns.

The construction of spray guns includes:
-housing with channels for the supply of compressed air and paint, equipped with needle valves,
trigger lever, control valve switching,
-outlet nozzle for the formation and formation of the desired shape of the flame,
-reservoir (tank) for paint,
-adjusting screws for changing airflow, paint and spray spot corrections.

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A good tool is an important part of body repair.

Body repair of any car is a long process, containing many stages.

Each stage of processing has its own nuances and to some extent involves the use of any consumables for painting the car.

For the capital repair of a car they may need a large number.

Our store ARPSHOP offers a wide range of equipment and tools for body repair.

Here you can find  PANEL Stand & Storage, Workshop Stand, Bumper and Panel Storage, Roll Dispenser, Tool Holder.

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