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MIRKA Dust Free Solution

Tired of feeling like a snowman when the working day is over? Try Mirka’s dust-free sanding solutions and save both time and money! Just to emphasize and make a valid point when it comes to getting with the times regarding Dustless Sanding / extractors etc.

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All-purpose protective coveralls

In our online store you can find two types of coveralls.

Even though they are similar in the features, they are slightly different in design and fabric. 

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ARP All Purpose Protective Coveralls.

Workers associated with various professions use coveralls as a shield to protect them from a number of hazards. Safety garments come in different fabrics, thickness and styles depending on their intended function

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Personal safety products. Gloves.

Lets talk about our gloves. With this spectrum of offers that the market provides now, it became difficult to choose right one. Seeing “right”, we mean suitable for you. 

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Painting guns (spray guns) - principle of operation and scope

Ordinary brushes and rollers for painting cars are left behind. Now almost all painting work is carried out with a special paint gun or, as it is also called, a spray gun. Moreover, in most cases, painting a car with a brush will be amateurishness. SATA, IWATA.

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Innovative Multifunctional Paint Stand

See the difference that our innovative stands can bring in your workplace

Our Multifunctional Paint Stand provide mobility and versatility for your collision services auto body shop. 

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Types of spray guns, their differences, pros and cons

All existing types of spray guns are adapted to perform specific tasks - in the domestic or professional sphere. The choice of a suitable device depends on the required painting quality, the types of paint and varnish material with which you plan to work, as well as the complexity of maintenance and the need for additional equipment.

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What to look for when choosing a hand spray gun?

The main characteristics, on which the quality and convenience of work depend, are as follows:

  1. Cup capacity;
  2. operating pressure;
  3. productivity.
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Adjustable Bumper Stand Usage:

The essence of the invention: the device is a stand, on the pivot frame of which a bumper of a passenger car is installed, secured with tension chains and tubes covered with elastic material, which allows to ensure rigidity and fixation of the front part of the bumper; and telescopic tubes mounted on guides, which are fastened with clips to the side parts of the bumper, which allows to provide rigidity and fixation of the side parts of the bumper.

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HVLP Spray Guns

Extra financial savings with most transfer efficiency and minimum product intake.

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