System for mixing and applying paintwork materials

This article is intended for those who already more or less understand and want to simplify and improve their coloring process. Professionals already know what to use, and for many paint shops suppliers and dealers are responsible for this.

What is it?!

The Paint System is essentially a banal disposable tank for spray guns,but in the words of the manufacturers it sounds like “a system for mixing and applying paintwork materials”.

Why is this system needed and what are it’s charms?

It is convenient. Insert PPS liner into the hard cup with measuring scale. Pour paint / varnish / primer into the liner and attach it with the adapter to the spray gun. The strainer is no longer needed, since it is in the lid that covers this disposable liner.

Unused paint can be left in a plastic liner and used for touching up. If you have finished painting, then the plastic liner can be thrown out and don’t worry about washing the tank of the spray gun. Accordingly, you get less dirty and less splatter from paint, plus save solvent, for example, 20-25 grams of solvent are enough to wash the barrel in my case. The most important advantage of the PPS system is the ability to rotate the spray gun at any angle, since the plastic liner consists of soft plastic and when painting it is squeezed under the action of a vacuum, driving the paint into the spray gun.

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PPS Cup 400ml

PPS Cup 650ml

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