Buy materials for body repair in Toronto, Canada

Defects on the paintwork are always striking! In our catalog you will find everything you need to make your car look perfect. We work only with checked and certified materials for body repair. Doubt your choice? Our consultants will always tell you the best option for price and quality.

Our range

Here you will find:

grinding devices, abrasive, polishing, auxiliary materials;

tinting systems

paints of all kinds (acrylic, three-layer, metallic, etc.), clear coats, solvents;

preservatives, primers, fillers, rust converters, adhesives and sealants.

Delivery of materials for body repair in Toronto

You can buy not only paint and clear coat production from us, but also auto chemical goods and car cosmetics and much more. Make an order and we will bring it to any convenient place! You can also pick up the purchase yourself at one of our pickup points. We accept payment in cash and bank transfer, regularly hold promotions and give discounts to regular customers!

Car cosmetics in Toronto

We offer to buy auto cosmetics in Toronto - substances for effective and gentle care of the body and interior. Our products will help you keep your car fresh and tidy: choose your care products and take care of your car!

Our range of auto cosmetics

We offer funds:

For the body. Cleaners for traces of insects, stains, car shampoos and other car cosmetics will remove impurities, restore shine and at the same time will not damage the paintwork;

for the engine. Necessary for external cleaning. They quickly and efficiently deal with dirt, hardened deposits and prevent short circuits;

for drives. Disk washing liquid helps get rid of dust and prevent corrosion;

for tires. They will give a neat appearance to rubber gaskets and tires, protect the rubber from cracking;

for glasses. They clean the surface of glasses, headlights, glare-free mirrors, repel water and extend the life of the wiper blades;

for plastic. The panel and any other details made of plastic or vinyl will be refreshed. They will remove yellowness and pollution, unpleasant odors and at the same time preserve the brightness of the color;

for the skin. Necessary for caring for a salon made of leather or leatherette: eliminate small cracks, make the upholstery more elastic and soft;

for upholstery. They will clean the seat upholstery and rugs from stains and dirt: the interior will be like new;

flavorings and odor neutralizers. Remove odors and fill the air with a pleasant and light aroma;

hand cleansers. They will help to carefully remove paints, greases, resins, glues from the skin. Do not contain solvents and other aggressive substances.

Delivery of car cosmetics in Toronto.

Order auto cosmetics in our catalog at competitive prices, and we will deliver it to any place convenient for you. Free shipping available: read more here! You can place an order by phone and on the website, and pay for your purchase in cash or by bank transfer.

Have questions? Call us and the managers will give you a detailed consultation.