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Sanding blocks - buy online in Toronto.

For manual grouting and sanding of surfaces, sanding stones and blocks are used. Working with them is much more convenient than with skin. Work is faster and more accurate. Devices are used for working with wood, plastered and metal surfaces.

How do manual grinding blocks differ?

By structure:

with dust extraction - designed to be connected to a vacuum cleaner; the work will be clean, and there will be no suspension in the air;

usual - whetstones or the basis with replaceable grinding equipment; during grinding dust is not forced away.

On the processed surfaces:

for flat bases - have a direct non-bending working surface;

for convex and concave surfaces - with a flexible sole that bends around the grinded surfaces;

for spot processing - made in the shape of a barrel, help get rid of local defects before finishing surfaces.

When buying, pay attention to the size of the grinding surface. The capture and speed of work depends on this. For walls and other large surfaces, you should take large equipment, for working with small parts or products of complex shape - small fixtures.