A good tool is an important part of body repair.

Body repair of any car is a long process, containing many stages.

Each stage of processing has its own nuances and to some extent involves the use of any consumables for painting the car.

For the capital repair of a car they may need a large number.

Our store ARPSHOP offers a wide range of equipment and tools for body repair.

Here you can find  PANEL Stand & Storage, Workshop Stand, Bumper and Panel Storage, Roll Dispenser, Tool Holder.

Another important part of body repairing are Masking Tools.

When car body repair is very important to protect those parts of the surface, the processing of which is not planned.

 When working with liquid or aerosol materials, random material hits on such surfaces can not be avoided almost never, and therefore, when preparing for repair, it is necessary to stock up with special concealer means.

As a rule, they include:

Plastic sheeting. This is a universal material for masking large surfaces of irregular shapes. It can easily close the tires and windshield of the car, and then without problems to remove.

It is strong enough and does not leak liquids;

Adhesive masking tape. It is used to protect small surfaces, as well as to fix the polyethylene film.

After repair, it can simply be torn together with all traces of materials that have fallen on it.

Adhesive mixture will not harm the countryside to the most sensitive surfaces of the car body.


The body repair of the car can not be imagined without the quality of the Tools and Shop Equipment.

Spray Guns , AIR RATCHET WRENCHS, Orbit Sanders and Planetary grinding machine with dust extraction for quick material removal and coarse grinding.

Orbital grinding miniature with delta sole and dust extraction. Ideal for grinding and processing wooden products in hard-to-reach places.

The spray guns of the series are designed for finish coloring in processes that require high coloring quality, reduced paint consumption and the emission of harmful fumes.

 Ideal for applying base coatings of "metalics".

Designed for use in the body painting sector of cars. It can be used for industrial painting and in woodworking production of spare parts.