SATAjet 1500 B RP SoLV

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SATAjet 1500 B RP SoLV

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SATAjet 1500 B SoLV  with RPS multi-purpose cup 0.3 l / 0.6 l / 0.9 l (each 1x) without swivel joint

Provides fine finishes with cost saving Transfer Efficiency and keeps the wetting that is required using today’s Low VOC exempt solvent basecoat or the more traditional National Rule solvent basecoats.
The SATAjet 1500 B SoLV is also a good choice for matching OEM clearcoat appearance while meeting Transfer Efficiency and profitability expectations.
The nozzle system of the SATAjet 1500 B SoLV meets the demands for topcoat applications and delivers even material distribution throughout the entire pattern, giving the versatility that SATA is known for.
The balanced design results in required comfort and ergonomics, and the easy-to clean durable surface of the spray gun will work with any solvent-based material.
The SATAjet 1500 B SoLV offers the performance required to achieve quality finishes.
Product benefits:
  • Designed for Full System Application: solvent-based basecoats, either Low VOC or National Rule as well as sealer and clearcoat.
  • Nice-sized, even spray pattern.
  • Wide air pressure range from 14 – 35 psi.
  • Fast working speed.
  • Smooth anodized spray gun body in a modern blue color tone.
  • Excellent value spray gun.

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