SATAjet 1000 K HVLP

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SATAjet 1000 K HVLP

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SATAjet 1000 K HVLP

The small and lightweight SATAjet 1000 K supplied from pressure pots, or double diaphragm pumps is an allrounder spray gun.
Due to its extensive range of available nozzle sizes, this pressure-fed spray gun is perfectly suitable for applying various materials: from thin wood stain, clearcoat, textured paint and glaze to glue and other thixotropic materials.
Extensions available in various versions and sizes allow perfect coating of areas difficult to access.

Special Features:
  • Allows connection to all sorts of material supply systems, such as pressure pots, double diaphragm pumps and central paint supply systems.
  • Suitable for the application of various materials – waterborne or solvent-based.
  • Comfortable, ergonomically well-balanced control elements, such as material flow control, the adjustable thumb round/flat spray control and integrated air micrometer.
  • The QC Quick Change thread allows an easy and quick air cap exchange with just one and a half turns.
  • Sturdy, easy-clean surface.
  • Special airflow at the air cap horns prevents overspray from settling at the air cap.
  • Adam 2 compatible – allows for retrofitting the digital air micrometer.

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