MIRKA 3" Angled Rotary Battery Polisher

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MIRKA 3" Angled Rotary Battery Polisher

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MIRKA  ARP300-B 3" Angled Rotary Battery Polisher, 10.8V 5.0Ah

The Mirka® ARP300-B cordless polisher is light, nimble and ergonomic. This compact but powerful tool is perfect for the craftsman that wants the luxury, freedom and efficiency of cordless.   The Mirka® ARP300-B has a brushless motor, a 3 inch (77mm) grip backing pad. Delivered with two 5Ah 10.8V Li-ion batteries and a charger.  

With variable speed on the trigger you have the control to avoid splashing and mitigate the risk of burning the surface.  With the exactness of the most precision trigger speed control that we have ever used, you get full control over the polishing process as if the machine were part of your hand. The compact size and perfect balance adds to that control especially in tight places.  No cord or air-hose to worry about means your concentration is on your work quality.  

Similar to the AROP312-B except it is rotary only with no orbital motion.


Speed                          4,000-7,000 RPM

Orbit                             none – Rotary Only

Size of Pad                   3 inch

Weight                          2 pounds

Battery Voltage            10.8 VDC

Battery Capacity           5 Ah

Dust Control                 NON Vacuum

Battery Charge Time    90 min

Charger Output           12 VDS 4 amp

Packaging                   Cardboard Box

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