RONCO Blurite 6 EC Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves 6 mil

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RONCO Blurite 6 EC Extended Cuff Nitrile Gloves 6 mil

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RONCO Blurite 6 EC Extended Cuff  Nitrile Gloves 6 mil

Blurite 6 EC gloves are a range of specially designed gloves for extra protection in multiple environments. The extended 12” cuffs gives them a unique look and provide extra protection in the arms for those applications where extra arm protection is important. These gloves are exam grade and are suitable for a variety of applications in both medical and non-medical applications.

Blurite 6 EC gloves are tested against Chemotherapy drugs and against Fentanyl. This makes them an ideal choice for first responders and various medical professionals. With a 6 mil thickness and an extended cuff, the Blurite 6 EC gloves are more than up to the task for any challenge thrown at them including non- Medical applications such as  Automotive industries, Janitorial services and a multitude of Industrial applications. With excellent tensile strength and flexibility, these gloves are the preferred choice for tough jobs across a variety of applications.

  • Chemo tested
  • Fentanyl tested
  • Superior chemical resistance
  • 100% latex-free and powder-free
  • Medical examination grade glove
  • Extended Cuff for extra protection
  • Excellent strength and superior elasticity
  • Q-ty: 50 ps/box
  • Size: L, XL

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