ARP Paint Strainer 250pcs/box

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ARP Paint Strainer 250pcs/box

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  • Brand: ARP
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Paint Strainer 250pcs/box

Cone-shaped robust, and durable construction paint strainers with a fine 190-micron filter tip. Paint Strainers are an excellent solution for removing dust, particulates, & impurities from latex & oil-based paints. Suitable for any paint, new or old, including varnishes, resins, & stains. The paint flows well through the mesh & the mesh size filters out small particles that could have clogged spray guns or made the job hard. The package includes 250 disposable paint strainers, perfect for automotive and coatings like primers, and sealers, basecoats, clear coats, and single-stage topcoats. Also excellent for house hobby arts and craft paints.

Contamination-free storage and dispensing of strainers.


Size of mech: 190 mic

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