Masking Tape NARCAR 38mm*50m (1.5 inch) 24pcs/box

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Masking Tape NARCAR 38mm*50m (1.5 inch) 24pcs/box

$76.00 24 pcs/box
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Masking Tape NARCAR 38mm x 50m (1.5") 24pcs/box

BACKING: lightly crepe paper

ADHESIVE: natural rubber / hydrocarbonic resins / solvent

CORE: recycled paper and paperboard

Suitable for:

Industrial masking; medium/high temperature car bodywork

The technical characteristics of the product make it resistant to humidity and to solvents.

The tape has high conformability and excellent mechanical resistance, it cuts easily and leaves no adhesive residues after removal.

The product has a wide range of applications for industrial coatings and car bodywork.

Excellent hit resistance

Available colors:

White - yellow

Quantity: 24 pcs/box

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Quantity per package 24 pcs/box

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