BRAYT T1 Strong Polishing Compound 250 gr

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BRAYT T1 Strong Polishing Compound 250 gr

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BRAYT T1 STRONG it's polishing compound suitable to use on every kind of clear coat used in industry and automotive sector, including hard scratch resistant lacquers (also ceramic lacquers).

Product recommended for fresh and old paint coatings. Easily removes scratches and traces after P1500 sanding paper. Silicone free, no filler.


·       Possible hand or machine (rotary or dual action) work.

·       For hard and scratch resistant clear coat use with polishing wool or hard polishing sponge.

·       Apply a small amount of polishing compound on the surface to be polished. In case of new polishing pad is recommended to apply compound on pad also and make pre polishing.

·       Polish using rotary polisher in the optimum speed range 800 – 1600 RPM (max. 2000 RPM) with slight or medium pressure, depending on the surface.

·       Polish until all imperfection are removed.

·       Remove all residua using microfiber cloth.

·       In case of polishing on big surfaces work a small area at time. 

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