Mirka 5" Backing Pad 915GV

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Mirka 5" Backing Pad 915GV

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Mirka 5" Backing Pad 915GV

  •  Multi-hole pattern maximizes dust extraction
  •  1/2 inch soft density foam provides flexibility for reduced edge cutting and increased conformability
  •  5/16" screw mount external threads are compatible with orbital or random orbital sanders
  •  Hook&loop attachment provides for easy reuse, optimizing disc life 
  •  Optimized with a self-generated vacuum sanding tool
  •  Tapered edge 
  •  Use with any clean sanding or dust free discs
  •  Ideal for primer, colour and clear coat sanding applications
  •  Optional adaptor for Makita polisher

Our 6 inch Velcro sanding  back-up pad is excellent for auto body painting jobs such as following contours and sanding close to edges, while maximizing dust extraction. This soft density foam pad features Multi-hole pattern for effective dust evacuation. The Velcro attachment makes disc change-out fast and easy, maximizing disc life.

Sanding back-up pad for auto body sanding jobs requiring a finer finish, such as application of body filler, primer and clear coat. The pad features 5/16-24 external threads which are compatible with orbital or random orbital sanders that have 5/16-24 internal threads.

A multiple-hole design that facilitates dust extraction, prolonging disc life and improving air quality in the shop. This product allows the vacuum to suction dust from the air and off of the workpiece. This reduces loading of the disc and adds life to the abrasive. Additionally, reducing dust in the air improves working conditions. 

 Hook&Loop Attachment System

The hook-and-loop feature makes disc attachment, removal, and re-attachment clean and easy, and facilitates use and re-use of the disc for the extent of the abrasive life. Our disc pads have J-shaped hooks of the type most commonly used in everyday hook-and-loop applications. The Hook&Loop system is designed for work spaces where adhesive backed discs may become contaminated by dust, dirt, or flying debris.

For auto body sanding jobs where details are most important, our  sanding back-up pad is designed with plenty of details that make auto body professionals successful – from the soft foam backing to the taper to the attachment system, it helps you get the most from your auto body operations.

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