What to look for when choosing a hand spray gun?

Spray gun's cup capacity.

Direct dependence - the larger the tank, the more composition can be sprayed before refueling. Spray guns are usually equipped with containers of 0.3-0.9 liters, and sprayers, in which the composition is poured directly into the working container, can hold 10-15 liters.

Spray gun's operating pressure.

Since the pressure has to be maintained manually, most devices are designed to operate at 5-6 atmospheres. A pressure gauge is usually installed for monitoring.

Spray gun's Performance.

Shows how much composition the spray gun can spray in a minute - the speed of work depends on this.

Since the mechanical spray gun does not have a motor, it is a very reliable and unpretentious design. It is the best fit for work in summer cottages or in other places where there is no electricity.

How to choose spray guns for painting various surfaces?

Of course, it is impractical to buy different spray guns for painting various surfaces. But still, it is worth considering some features if you need to choose and buy a spray gun for specific purposes:

Spray guns for painting metal:

On a surface such as metal, paint should be applied in a thin and perfectly even layer. Pneumatic spray guns and some types of electric ones can provide the appropriate quality of the coating. To work with different types of paints, you need to choose the right nozzles.

Spray guns for painting wood:

for such work, you can choose an electric spray gun if it is not possible to use pneumatic equipment. In this case, it is important to choose the right paint and dilute it to the desired consistency;

spray guns for painting walls:

it is about applying paint to vertical surfaces from which it can drain if the layer is too thick. You can paint with any spray gun, the main thing is to choose the right working parameters.
If you plan to work with powder paint, then the spray gun is configured using special equipment and a computer. Such devices are used mostly by professionals. The quality of the equipment is also important for working with dispersion paint. You need to choose a spray gun that is suitable for working with substances of different densities.
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