Painting guns (spray guns) - principle of operation and scope

Ordinary brushes and rollers for painting cars are left behind. Now almost all painting work is carried out with a special paint gun or, as it is also called, a spray gun. Moreover, in most cases, painting a car with a brush will be amateurishness.


Our online store has a good selection of spray guns and airbrushes. On the one hand, this is an advantage, a wide range provides an opportunity to choose exactly what is needed in each specific case, but there is also a disadvantage - you need to choose the right tool, and for this we advise you to familiarize yourself with all the intricacies of such a thing as painting a car.


Conventionally, spray guns can be divided into three categories depending on their purpose: a paint spray gun for a car body, a special gun for airbrushing and a universal spray gun.


The general characteristics of spray guns, which should be paid attention to when buying, include: the diameter of the spray nozzle, this property is of decisive importance for all painting equipment. The type of material for which it is intended depends on it. Another important element is the presence of pressure control, air flow and intensity of paint supply on the spray gun.

spray gun IWATA LPH400-134LVX Nozzle/Needle 1.3 mm Kit #5660

The next characteristic, no less important in comparison with others, is the working pressure and air flow. Do not forget about the ergonomics of the pistol itself, many beginners neglect this parameter, but in vain, because you have to work with it for a rather long and continuous time. Thanks to a wide variety of spray guns, they can be used not only for painting the car, but also for priming the car and even applying a special liquid putty, it all depends on the characteristics of the spray gun.

There are also universal pistols with which you can carry out all types of painting work, but they are not cheap and professional craftsmen still prefer to work with highly specialized pistols in order to achieve maximum effect.

If you need to work with such complex types of paints as mother of pearl or metallic, then your choice should stop only on high-quality and proven pistols. With an inexpensive pistol, you cannot properly paint a car and get the desired color and effect.

For the spray gun to work properly, a good compressor with an air filter is needed, which will provide constant and uninterrupted pressure.

To make the right choice of a spray gun, contact the specialists of the ARPSHOP online store - you will receive professional advice and make the right choice when buying!