Mixing cups

Mixing cups.

High-quality packaging for accurate mixing of all paints and clear coats: paints, transparent varnishes, fillers, etc. The scale of proportions is applied to the wall of the container. Resistant to solvents.

Container for paint. 

What is the difference between a professional car painter and a beginner?

The need to observe the exact proportions when mixing colors and precisely control the resulting shades of car enamel imposes serious requirements on containers for paint. In “ARPSHop.ca” you will find specialized containers of various volumes, using which, you can greatly simplify and speed up your work.

Measuring cup for paint. Why so much attention to such a trifle?

List of requirements for containers for working with car enamels:

  1. Accuracy of gradation and ruler;
  2. Transparency is higher than that of glass, for the correct determination of the shade;
  3. Tightness.

Since, to obtain the desired shade and consistency of paint, the count goes to tenths of a gram of composition, and the presence of a color of its own in the container can distort the color of the enamel obtained, the requirements for paint containers used in the auto industry are quite stringent. We offer containers for paint of our own production.

Our experience is your success in the auto business!

We have been working in the field of supplying products for car painting for many years and we know that the result of painting often depends on such trifles that an unprofessional person may not even be aware of. That is why, in addition to the main activities of our store - the sale of car enamels, pneumatic and electric tools, car chemicals and car cosmetics, in our assortment you can find things like measuring cups for paint, antistatic wipes and devices for cleaning spatulas. The result of the work depends on these accompanying materials and tools no less than on the main ones.

Before starting the production of auto works, make sure that you have everything you need for this, including even such trifles as paint containers, and our team wishes you success and excellent results!

Mixing cups for paint