MIRKA LEROS Dust Free Solutions Kit

Mirka MIW950-DE1230-4, 9" LEROS Dust Free Solutions Kit

Years of development work and a determined focus on ergonomics and user-friendliness have resulted in the lightest brushless electric wall and ceiling sander on the market, Mirka® LEROS. This unique tool has features like no other comparable sander available.

 LEROS Dust Free Solutions Kit

Mirka LEROS - the lightest and most advanced wall and ceiling sander, features unique brushless sander innovative solutions, including a sanding head with 180° flexibility and a 5 mm random orbital movement, making it extremely user friendly. Due to the light weight, the compact and ergonomic design, Mirka LEROS improves the work efficiency significatly compared to any comparable competitor tool in the market. Hence, there is less need for breaks or interruptions due to fatigue.Mirka LEROS is designed to perform best when using Abranet and dust-extraction.

MIRKA LEROS Dust Free Solutions Kit

abranet aceMirka's net solution enables a much faster, but still clean, sanding. A common problem is that the fine dust is instantly clogging paper abrasives. The unique Abranet makes a proper cutting without clogging and last longer than the competitive products. Abranet discs are ideal for traditional drywall and plaster sanding and the more aggressive Abranet Ace HD discs, on the other hand, are perfect for hard plaster walls or other hard surfaces.