MIRKA Dust Free Solution

MIRKA Dust Free Solution

MIRKA Dust Free Solution

Tired of feeling like a snowman when the working day is over? Try Mirka’s dust-free sanding solutions and save both time and money! Just to emphasize and make a valid point when it comes to getting with the times regarding Dustless Sanding / extractors etc.

Not only is it healthier for yourself and your customers. It’s cleaner, faster and a better finish. I’d like to tell you about the job I started today.

Mirka is the pioneer of dust-free sanding solutions. Explore the multiple benefits of our dust-free sanding solutions and see how healthy working environment, better efficiency, and high-quality finish improve your business.

 Good for your staff, great for your business!

The most dangerous types of dust are the ones with small particles. They are called PM2.5 and they can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Mirka's dust-free solutions are 99.97% effective at removing particles smaller than 0.3µm in size.

In order to keep your workspace as free from dust as possible, you need the right abrasives.

Employees are your company's most important assets. The plain fact is that unhealthy employees cost you more. Mirka's dust-free sanding solutions offer health benefits to workers because of reduced exposure to harmful sanding dust. The benefits aren't just improved health, but also improved bottom-line results.

Mirka Dust Extractors have been tested to meet the requirements of each dust class according to IEC 60335-2-69 (worldwide) and by EN 60335-2-69 (European wide) standards.

Dust-free sanding is not only better for your health, but it also makes plenty of sense time and money wise

Dust-free sanding can be a true competitive advantage for your business, as it takes your products to premium level while reducing overall manufacture time and maintenance costs. Because dust-free sanding is so time saving, you can invest much more time on the finish. This also lets your employees really concentrate on what they know best, instead of wasting valuable time on cleaning up. Combined with a healthier working environment, dust-free sanding can save you considerable costs in finding and training replacement workforce.

Happy customers also spread positive word-of-mouth that may turn into new business opportunities.

Naturally the factors affecting the customer satisfaction vary between the industries, but there are some more general benefits that no customer is going to dislike:

Healthy working environment, Multitasking, Improved quality, Faster project turnaround

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