Fields of application of masking tape


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Masking tape


A modern paper-based masking tape has many useful functions:Protects any surface (wallpaper, individual wall sections, tiles, glass, a mirror, rubber bands and openings) when painting, creating multi-color compositions, applying plaster.

With masking tape, you can easily wash dirty areas, if expensive wallpapers are glued in the neighborhood, make the paint zones perfectly even.

Masking tape can serve as a paper limit mark. If there is a need to drill holes of the required depth, masking tape will not allow the drill or drill punch to move on. It is simply wound on a drill.

How to keep the roulette edge on a long section of several meters? Only if you glue it with tape.

Masking tape will help to make a neat and clearly visible marking on any basis - glass, tile, dark or black surfaces, on the walls, while not spoiling a good wallpaper, beautiful painting.

The use of masking tape is necessary for drilling an exact hole in a mirror, glass, tile or on any other slippery materials. It will prevent uncomfortable slipping at the very beginning of work.

Using tape, you can easily collect small pieces of glass.

So that fasteners (bolts, nuts, plugs) are always at hand, when installing or removing at a height of lighting fixtures (chandeliers, lamps, etc.) it is better to use a crepe tape.

In order to protect the door leaf during installation, a masking tape is also used. It is glued around the perimeter with the release and protects the door frame and canvas. When foam is introduced into the gaps, the product remains intact.PVC masking tape

How to cleanly drill or drill? You can make an envelope out of paper, attach it with a crepe tape to the wall and it will collect all the dust without blurring or damaging the wallpaper or painting.

Small parts that remain after repair without packaging temporarily but reliably “park” paper masking tape. If it is double-sided, it can be used instead of glue.

Masking tape is also used for sealing windows, to avoid scratches on glass, plastic, metal, furniture, to prevent injuries from sharp sharp edges, when gluing a film butt-to-butt, paper rolls and sheets. Moreover, the surface after adhesive tape is easy to clean with any detergent.

Brown, yellow tape is widely used for gluing cardboard and film packaging, blue tape - in warehouses for marking goods in post offices, in industry. In addition, it is blue tape that is resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. It well conceals defects on blue surfaces. In trade, a blue ribbon fits any container and makes it more visible. Brown tape is also used for masking.

types of masking tape

By type of surface, the color masking tape is divided into:

  • polyethylene foam;
  • tissue;
  • aluminum;
  • bituminous;
  • bilateral;
  • one-sided.

Masking Tape Specifications

paper based masking tape

In comparison with other building materials, paper-based masking tape has advantages - a wide variety of sizes (thin, thick, wide, narrow), low weight, low cost and excellent technical characteristics:

  • good adhesion - an excellent degree of stickiness of the tape;
  • high level of strength (resistance to edge breaks);
  • large temperature range (-10 ° + 120 °); resistance to moisture, frost and other adverse atmospheric phenomena;
  • the ability to combine tape with other types of paints, elements, details; the ability to quickly remove and easily wash marks from any surface;
  • creation of templates for inscriptions or markup;
  • high elasticity in any conditions.

The most heat-resistant adhesive tape, which includes aluminum foil and acrylic adhesive. This type of tape is used in the manufacture of refrigeration equipment. In this way, the joints of the pipes are sealed with tape and they give the parts silver. It is also an excellent thermal insulator that resists corrosion (metal oxidation).

Double-sided tape with the strongest possible adhesive base serves instead of glue and is distinguished by the absence of odor, good strength, and the absence of hard to clean traces. There are three types of double-sided tape: PP (propylene base with a double-sided adhesive rubber layer impregnated with silicone), PVC (fabric base, an analogue of tape reinforced with fiberglass fibers), mirror (has a fabric base and can replace a screw, a nail and the same glue). Double-sided tape is used in construction, for strong attachment to wood, metal, non-smooth, rough surfaces.

Do not forget that the adhesive tape is attached only to a dry, clean, free of grease and dust base

It must be cleaned on time, since the adhesive layer has the ability to dry, and in order to wash it, you will have to use a technical hair dryer or solvent. Although its full drying time depends on the manufacturer. The term can be from several weeks to 1-2 months.

This tape does not lose its properties for about 3 years. It has many useful characteristics (it is easy to glue, clean the surface from traces), so it has become very popular. It is well stored in a dark place at room temperature and has a large number of colors: from transparent to blue.