Cleaning and maintenance of spray guns

Spray Gun Cleaning Guide.

Disconnect nozzle:

Disconnect nozzle SATA

  1. Disconnect the paint needle first.
  2. Unscrew the air cap.
  3. And then unscrew the nozzle with a special key.

Cleaning and drying:

Cleaning and drying sata gun

When cleaning the spray gun by hand, do not use a metal brush, this can ruin the spray gun. Moreover, make sure that there are no residues of cleaning fluid in the gun’s air channels - we recommend that you leave the spray gun connected to the air line, but keep the air supply to a minimum!

Nozzle cleaning:

sata guns Nozzle cleaning

When cleaning the nozzle, make sure that the metal parts of the brush do not spoil the nozzle. The best option is to use specially designed SATA cleaning brushes and SATA nozzle cleaning needles to ensure optimal cleaning and maintenance of the nozzle.

Assembly and maintenance

Assembly and maintenance spray gun

When installing the nozzle kit, please make sure that the nozzle has been tightened manually using a universal wrench to ensure that the seal is securely installed. Each SATA spray gun and each replacement nozzle kit are manually configured and spray tested. With the torch located vertically, the air head must be fixed so that laser engraving on the air head can be read from above. The marking on the outside of the airhead horns, located in the uppermost position, indicates the correct direction when spraying with a horizontal flame.

Assembly and maintenance spray gun

For many years, SATA silicone-free grease for paint spray guns, which is compatible with paint, has proven its right to be used as an excellent maintenance tool when applying a thin layer to all moving parts and threaded joints. This ensures free movement and excellent functioning of the component parts even after many years of operation. See illustration above - Art. No. 48173

Please look at the short video instructions on how to clean the SATA spray gun manually: