Applying abrasives industry

Abranet grip


The universal classic Abranet mesh abrasive is designed for grinding paintwork, putties, primers, composites, ideal for processing plastic, soft aluminum, softwood, etc. Abranet combines high performance and a long service life compared to traditional abrasives, which makes its the most profitable solution. This is a new standard in high-quality surface treatment technology that allows for virtually dust-free sanding. Dust-free sanding means a high quality finish and a healthy working environment. For hand and machine grinding.



Abranet Ace is a ceramic-grain mesh abrasive for superior dust-free sanding. It is a premium material designed for hard surface finishing and more demanding and demanding applications. With its optimized mesh backing structure and ceramic grain, Abranet Ace delivers high performance and durability. Shows excellent and fast results when sanding hard fillers, composites, plastics, hardwoods.


Abranet Ace HD is an aggressive and high performance ceramic mesh abrasive for dust-free sanding. The durable mesh base is highly wear resistant, making the material ideal for high-intensity operations. The improved mesh backing extends the life of the abrasive and speeds up the sanding process.


Abranet HD offers outstanding performance in the most demanding applications such as paint stripping and coarse sanding of putty. The Abranet HD backing is a nylon mesh that makes the abrasive both flexible and wear resistant, resulting in a fast, uniform finish. Designed for wet and dry sanding, the abrasive offers exceptional edge wear and blockage resistance, resulting in long-lasting performance, especially on difficult surfaces.


Abranet Max is a versatile material for various sanding operations in woodworking. Due to the mesh structure, the abrasive practically does not clog when processing resinous woods or soft materials, while the processed surface does not heat up. The tough aluminum oxide grain provides high cutting performance on hardwoods. There is no need to press down on the belt while sanding. The mesh abrasive provides a more uniform finish surface, which in turn results in a higher and more consistent quality. Abranet Max has an extremely high work life. Ideal for grinding operations where water is used as a coolant.


Abranet NC is specially formulated for sanding corrosion-sensitive surfaces that require abrasive materials containing the lowest possible amount of heavy metals. Throughout the entire production cycle of Abranet NC, special processes are used to reduce metal particles and ensure consistent quality. Due to its structure, Abranet NC has significantly lower levels of heavy metals than comparable abrasives. Abranet NC is suitable for sanding aluminum and painted aluminum parts in the automotive industry.


Abranet Soft is a combination of Mirka's patented sanding mesh and a thin layer of foam. The abrasive is designed for intermediate grinding of the soil, as well as preparing the paintwork for polishing. Grinding products are collected in a foam rubber layer, as a result of which no lumps form on the abrasive surface. Recommended for use with moisture.


Abranet SIC NS is a multipurpose mesh abrasive without stearate specially designed for glass grinding operations. It can also be used for processing other hard materials such as grouts, varnishes and composites. The combination of high performance and long service life (compared to traditional paper based materials) makes mesh abrasive an economical solution.


Abralon is a multipurpose fabric-foam backed abrasive for smooth and profiled surfaces. The elastic fabric base allows air and water to pass freely, thanks to which the material can be used in dry or wet mode, using a sander or by hand. Abralon is effective for finishing and pre-polishing gelcoats, plastics, GRP, varnishes, etc. Coarse grains are recommended for surface preparation of composite body parts (body), fine grinding of body parts before applying primer and topcoat. Fine grains are recommended for finishing primer and undercoat, transition zones, areas for repairing defects on paintwork and for finishing varnish before polishing.


Abralon J3 is an abrasive on a dense foam base, 3 mm thick. Thin and dense foam, providing better control over the process, fast and stable matting compared to the classic Abralon. Abralon J3 perfectly aligns the structure of the processed surface, removes fine defects well, has high productivity and durability.


Combining toughness and elasticity, Alox is well suited for hand sanding. It is a versatile material with excellent cutting properties and a high quality surface


Aquastar is an innovative patented abrasive for wet and dry hand grinding. The material has a strong elastic film backing, on which the abrasive grain is uniquely applied in the form of a special pattern, which gives flexibility to the material and ensures effective drainage of water and sanding products, minimizing abrasive clogging. Due to its flexibility, durability and waterproofness, Aquastar is ideal for sanding operations with water without the need for pre-soaking.


Aquastar Soft is an abrasive on a strong film backing with foam rubber for performing operations to eliminate defects on paintwork in body repair and production. Has a unique grain pattern. It features high elasticity, following the contours, profiles and edges of the work surface, and provides excellent control over the grinding process. For wet and dry hand sanding.


Autonet is a mesh abrasive specially formulated for body repair. This is the speed, efficiency of grinding with virtually no dust. Its patented structure eliminates clogging by grinding products and the formation of lumps on the abrasive surface, which ensures a long service life. Excellent initial aggressiveness and increased edge wear resistance make Autonet indispensable in almost any body repair operation. Especially effective when processing plastic parts.


Basecut is an economical, high performance abrasive with good performance, high initial aggressiveness and long working life, making it a highly profitable material.


A stearate-coated abrasive designed for dry operation, Carat Flex provides optimum material removal, a uniform surface texture, a long service life and exceptional grain retention. The base is made of elastic latex paper, ideal for sanding profiles.


The specially hardened backing and Mirka Progressive Bond ™ technology make Coarse Cut ideal for all rough grinding applications. This material has properties of elasticity on rounded surfaces, excellent edge wear resistance and minimal susceptibility to clogging.


Combi is a high-quality, fiber-reinforced paper backed material with high strength and excellent edge wear resistance, making it ideal for continuous machine sanding.


This durable, long-lasting abrasive is a versatile product that can be used for almost any application. Deflex has a latex-impregnated paper backing for smooth and flexible sanding even on corners.


Ideal for hand sanding clear-coated surfaces, Ecowet can be used both for intermediate sanding operations where coarser grit is used, and for repairing defects in varnish. It has good dust-binding properties and moisture resistance. It is recommended to use a hand sanding block to achieve a smoother and more uniform surface texture.


Durable and flexible Fiber discs has firm dust binding properties, which is needed when removing lacquer and rust or when sanding down welding seams. Fiber A is specially developed for effective working on metal surfaces


This durable, versatile material is perfect for high speed grinding in a wide variety of applications. Gold has a semi-open grout and a special stearate coating to prevent clogging and lump formation for optimum sanding results.


Gold Soft is a new foam-based abrasive that provides superior surface quality for finishing applications. Semi-open grain filling guarantees less clogging and better cutting properties. The soft edges of the disc perfectly remove defects when sanding profiles and contours. Grain gradation P500 is intended for sanding primers, and P800 is for matting clear-coat.


Soft and flexible abrasive Goldflex-Soft is intended for hand sanding of profiled surfaces and hard-to-reach areas. This material is especially useful in the automotive industry and body paint shops. The foam backing provides a comfortable grip and even pressure distribution, thus reducing the risk of sanding through. A special stearate coating protects the abrasive from clogging. Designed for dry and wet sanding.


Designed for use in the woodworking and automotive industries, Hiflex features Mirka's patented Progressive Bond ™ bond structure, which makes this material particularly elastic and tear-resistant. Provides good material removal and excellent surface quality. Suitable for hand sanding and produced in sheet and roll form.


Suitable for hand and light machine sanding, Hiomant provides efficient material removal and a good sanding result, as well as a high working life due to excellent edge wear resistance and minimal susceptibility to clogging.


Iridium is a premium paper-backed abrasive for a variety of grinding applications. Optimized for high speed and efficient sanding. A mixture of ceramic grains and alumina on a precision-grained elastic paper backing prevents blockages and reduces clumping. The abrasive actually repels dust and serves for a long time, since it retains its primary aggressiveness for a long time. Effective dust extraction thanks to the combination of Multihole disc and strip holes. Iridium delivers superior sanding performance on both soft and hard surfaces, making it ideal for professionals in any industry.